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Avoid These Common Driving Errors in Busy Road

We need to admit, at least in private, we are all guilty of some very rude behavior on the road. Many times we fall into a slide and dash attitude where we change lanes without warning, tailgate other people, or just fall into driving habits that are not acceptable. Naturally, we’re taking some sizable risks whenever we do this. It is possible to get into an accident or get a major traffic fine thrown at us for our driving behavior. There are any number of traffic signs performed during rush hour or when there is congestion on the road. Here are some of the errors we have to make an effort to avoid committing.

1. Forgetting About Your Turn Signal. The turn signal may not automatically turn off after being engaged. You might drive a few miles without realizing you still are signaling for term. This is pretty much just aggravation for the other drivers and is rarely a safety issue.

2. Failure to Notice the Traffic Light. This can really rile the drivers behind you if you don’t notice on a busy road the light turning green. It gets worse, however, if you do not notice the light has turned red.

3. Cutting Somebody off. This is a real nightmare out on the highway. Drivers going high-speed will switch into another lane without warning, forcing the car behind to have to suddenly put on the brakes. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to check your rearview mirror before you go into another lane and always be sure to have your turn signal properly engaged.

4. Driving On the Wrong Side. Americans drive on the right-hand side of the road. If you’re not careful, you will end up in a serious accident. A similar problem is going the wrong way on a one-way street. This happens quite a bit in urban driving. Be careful before you make the turn and be sure you are headed in the correct direction.

5. Making Use of Your High Beam Lights. The only time it is considered safe to use the high beam lights is in the darkest night or in inclement weather such as thick fog. Using a high intensity beam any other time can affect the vision of the oncoming traffic.

6. Speeding On a Wet Surface. Some drivers insist on going the exact speed even when they are going through a thunderstorm. That is more dangerous than you can imagine because your tires may lose traction on the road, forcing you to hydroplane. The safest thing to do is to travel 15 miles or less than the designated speed limit in a thunderstorm or bad weather. It is always best to arrive safe than to be on time.

7. Careless Parallel Parking. You may have to parallel park in the city because there are very few parking spaces. However, you have to take into consideration the traffic coming from behind. You need to be sure you have enough time to do a proper job and you also have the right amount of curb space to easily park your car.

8. Texting While Driving. This is a very dangerous distraction and the same can be said for Busy Road talking on your cell phone as you’re driving. You are not concentrating the way you should on the road and that can lead to trouble. Texting is so serious a mistake many states have laws against doing it while you are driving.

9. Driving Too Slowly. Crawling can be just as bad as speeding depending on circumstances. You should be following the flow of traffic and keep a reasonable speed up. Traveling too slowly can cause cars to back up behind you. You do not want to be the cause of the traffic jam during rush hour.

10. Confusion at Four-Way Stops. This is a first come, first move the situation. You should wait your turn and not pull out into the intersection before your time. Remember to signal any terms so the other drivers know what you are doing.

Mistakes can be just annoying or very serious safety hazards. You must be careful to try to avoid driving errors which may result in accidents. It requires being aware of the surroundings and knowing what you can and cannot do. Simple courtesy on the road is perhaps the best way to avoid making costly mistakes while driving.