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Benefits of Regular Tune-Ups

With how much driving you do each day and each week, you begin to notice the more and more tiny details of your vehicle that it has to offer. You can tell when things feel just slightly off and you know when it’s handling or performing in a way that it doesn’t normally or shouldn’t. Because of the wear and tear that your vehicle sustains with the countless miles that it faces, it’s important that you schedule your vehicle for regular performance and engine tune-ups.

A common tune-up usually consists of several different types of inspections:

1. An inspection of the engine’s fuel system components to ensure the fuel filter is functioning properly and that fuel injectors are free of deposits.
2. Visually check the spark plugs to determine wear
3. Test spark plug performance to ensure proper function
4. Replace vehicle’s points and condenser as needed.
5. Check and adjust ignition timing and idle if need be.
6. Check the PCV in the engine.
7. Check the engine’s air filter and cabin air filter
8. Check and verify all oil and coolant levels

These are just some of the most common inspections and services that most automotive shops will perform in a tune-up while some automotive shops will not perform some of these and may perform other ones. It’s easy to see though that with such a variety of inspections and checks being performed why there are so many benefits to having a tune-up for your vehicle scheduled regularly. Some of the biggest benefits of tune-ups for your vehicle include:

  • A tougher car– Taking the time to maintain your car is likely the easiest way to keep your vehicle resilient and free from damages and issues. A poorly maintained car is of course more prone to extensive mechanical problems and costly repairs. Regular tune-ups will help you avoid spending large amounts of money on brake or clutch repairs.
  • Better fuel efficiency– Tuning your vehicle regularly either yourself or having it done by a professional mechanic, will help your engine consume less gas and will improve the fuel mileage your vehicle can obtain. A car that’s not regularly tuned will consume more gas and cause the engine to underperform, affecting your vehicle’s performance throughout the entire car.
  • Saving more money– Because of all the wasted gas in a car with poor performance, a simple tune-up can lead to huge savings as the accurate and improved performance will help you get much better fuel mileage. Not to mention saving money on the costs should you need any engine or brake repairs due to an unmaintained or poorly performing vehicle. It may seem more expensive at first to pay for tunings but when you consider the high costs of major repair work on your vehicle, you’ll be saving much more by opting for regular tune-ups and tweaks.
  • You’ll Be Safer– Taking good care of your vehicle will not only lead to improved Car in Garage performance and savings when it comes to things like maintenance and gas, but it will also improve your safety on the road. On long road trips, it’s easier to relax knowing that everything on your vehicle is performing properly and showing no signs of wear and tear or potential failure. Tune-ups eliminate the risk of something like the brakes or engine failing suddenly while out on a trip, which will drastically reduce the chance or likelihood of a sudden and dangerous accident. By taking the time to tune your vehicle, you’ll be reducing the chance of accident and will be able to travel much safer as a tune-up will help you find potential issues before they get worse, which means you’ll be able to correct the issue before it even gets started really, which will improve your safety and also cost considerably less.

By regularly scheduling tune-ups for your vehicle, whether it’s every 6 months or annually, you’re taking control to ensure that your car is performing properly and that fluid levels, hoses and other components are where they should be so that you can count on your vehicle to reliably perform. They’ll help improve your safety while out on the road and also will help you save money in repair and gasoline costs.