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Is Your Automotive Shop Bosch Certified

Naturally when it comes to most things, we strive to find the best possible fixes. We want the best doctors for our health, the best construction workers for our homes and of course the best mechanics possible to work on our vehicles. Finding a trustworthy mechanic can be a tougher than expected endeavor but the hunt for quality work will almost always pay off in the long run as you can expect a longer vehicle life and better overall performance. One way to find a reputable mechanic is to search for various certifications that indicate quality performance. One such trusted name in service quality is Bosch. They are known for the extensive knowledge; experience and expertise an auto shop must have to be certified by them, making their certifications one of the best endorsements available.

Ways to find out a Bosch certified shop

If you’re looking for a new auto repair shop or are feeling uncertain about your current shop that you visit, here are a few ways to determine if they are Bosch certified.

  • Search Online– More specifically, try searching the official Bosch website. It features a locator that will help you find the Bosch certified auto repair shop nearest to you. Most repair shops that are Bosch certified can also be found online but searching the Bosch site specifically is a great way to reduce any concern.
  • Talk to Employees– Most mechanics are more than willing to talk about their shop’s certifications and achievements and you can tell a lot about the quality of the shop by speaking with employees. Passionate and knowledgeable mechanics signify a more trustworthy shop whereas mechanics that are uncertain or seemingly uninterested can be a sign that the shop you’re in is less than reputable.
  • Search for CertificationsAuto repair shop with achievements and certifications will almost always have them displayed proudly either in the front window or near the front counter when you first enter the building. Think of the certification as a restaurant grade, most places will proudly display that for anyone walking by to see.

It’s easy to find mechanics with Bosch certification but it’s important to also understand what makes Bosch certifications such a trustworthy accolade.

How to obtain & pass Bosch certification?

To become a Bosch certified service center, there is an extensive and rigorous Bosch Certified Mechanic certification process that factors in the technical skill and customer service qualities of each mechanic employed and even the appearance and design of the service center itself. Add to that the fact that a Bosch certified service center will also feature only the top replacement parts from Bosch, which is considered the largest original equipment manufacturer in the world.

Obtaining the certification is only half of the process however, as service centers will be subject to both pre-arranged building audits along with surprise inspections. Passing these inspections will be essential to a center that wants to keep the Bosch certification and failure to pass inspections can lead to an auto repair shop losing their Bosch status. These are performed by an outside company independent of Bosch and are used to develop ongoing training based on what the shops need most. Maintaining Bosch certification is an important way to make sure that service centers are constantly holding themselves to the highest service standards.

What make Bosch certified mechanic different from othefrs?

There are currently more than 1,800 Bosch certified service centers in North America alone so finding one is never too hard to do. With such high requirements to become certified and the constant need to maintain an above-average work ethic to keep certification, it’s no surprise that Bosch certified mechanics tend to offer work of a completely different caliber. There are other certifications that shops can obtain that speak to the high standards and quality of their work, whether it’s individual certifications from various vehicle brands or certifications like ASE or AAA, but the requirements to obtain and keep a Bosch certification represent another level of dedication to auto repair.

Final words

Seeking the highest quality work is to be expected when it comes to something as important as your vehicle, so if you’re in need of a new service center or the one you currently frequent isn’t Bosch certified, making the switch to a Bosch center will make sure you get not only the best available parts for your car, but the most experienced hands installing them as well.