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Jaguar was originally founded in England as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, where they started out manufacturing sidecars for motorcycles before launching into the car business. The company name was changed to Jaguar after World War II.

Jaguar gained a well-earned reputation by producing eye-catching sports cars, with the first notable one being the XK 120 in 1949. The appeal during the early years was the unique design and reliability of Jaguar’s engines. The Twin OHC K engine was designed from improvements gleaned from Jaguar’s winning performances in earlier Le Mans auto races.

The owner’s ambitions were always to build luxury autos in quantities that would outpace the demand of the sports car market, and installation of a new Chairman in 1980 led to a period of considerable profitability as the exec concentrated on nagging issues like quality control and production delays.

Jaguar was a publicly traded company and in 1989 the Ford Motor Company purchased the outstanding shares and acquired the company. They placed it in their Premiere Auto Group division, alongside their acquisitions of Aston Martin, Volvo and Land Rover, where it remained for twenty years. In 2008, after nearly twenty years, Ford decided to divest itself of Jaguar, and Tata Motors was the winning bidder, paying USD $1.7 billion and closing on the deal in June.

Today Jaguar remains one of the pre-imminent manufacturers of luxury automobiles worldwide, offering a line that includes full sized sedans, coupes and convertibles. All Jaguars are in the performance class, with both turbo and super-charged engines. Power plants up to 550 HP are available on some models. All Jaguars are RWD with AWD drive available in the sedans.

While Jaguars are built for reliability and dependability, they still need regular maintenance and repair. If you want your Jag to be its best you need to bring it to a qualified Jaguar mechanic. No one else has the skill and education to work it.

For Jaguar service, in the Atlanta area, visit European Motor Cars. We are a certified Jaguar mechanic with years of experience. We have location in Alpharetta, Duluth, Buckhead, and Sandy Springs.

Let our certified, trained professionals handle all of your Jaguar repair needs. We can do it all including simple oil changes and Jaguar brake repair.

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When one thinks of the British stiff upper lip, the Queen and tea are the first things that come to mind. However, they are also known for producing some of the finest European motor cars. Names such as Rolls Royce and Bentley are synonymous with class and the British upper class. Their most famous export might be the Mini. However, they produce some well known power houses as well such as the Aston Martin, MG and the luxurious Jaguar.

In 1935, William Lyons launched the first 105hp SS Jaguar 2.5 liter saloon selling it for a mere 395 Pounds. Back then the name Jaguar was synonymous with sophistication and today it continues the tradition.

Jaguar is one of the smoothest, most luxurious rides you will ever have. Keeping such luxury in mint condition entails good maintenance and repair. You will need to find a mechanic that specializes in Jaguar repair and standard Jaguar service if you wish to keep it in top condition. Around Farmers Branch and Fort Worth areas check out European Service Center.

Our Dallas locations opened in 2012, but we have been part of the European Motor Car Family for over 30 years. We have the experience, knowledge and training to keep your Jag running for years to come.

A Jaguar mechanic needs to be more than ASE trained they need to know European vehicles and and a working familiarity with Jaguars. You don’t want just any mechanic under the hood of your wild cat, you need a Jaguar service specialist who has the proper equipment and tools to service your beauty.

You Jaguar repair specialist need to have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the correct steps to take in normal everyday repairs such as a Jaguar brake repair and the major repairs such as an engine replacement. At European Service Center we use original Jaguar parts and accessories when repairing your vehicle.

Performance is as important as the exterior and interior. You have a streamlined animal underneath the hood and improper maintenance will keep that animal caged. If you want to release it then a regular Jaguar tune up by specialists with the right diagnostic equipment and software programs can fine tune the computer and get you the most out of your beast.
At European Service Center, we have ASE trained mechanics, the latest diagnostic equipment & tools as well as the price to match. We have been servicing the Dallas, Irving and University Park communities since 2012 and a proud member of EMC for over 30 years.