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Audi Service and Repair | European Motor Cars - GAAudi by Josh Sniffen, used under CC BY 2.0

Service and Repair of Audi Vehicles


Look no further than the certified Audi service experts at European Motor Cars. Our European auto repair center is the Atlanta area’s leading provider of Audi maintenance and repair services.

If you plan on purchasing a used Audi, then make sure you do your homework and research what others think of the vehicle first. Then bring it to European Motor Cars so our technicians can take a good, hard look at it. Here are some things to check before finalizing your purchase:

  • Are there any large gaps in the Audi service history? Gaps could indicate poor maintenance or serious undocumented repairs.
  • Does the title include the word “salvage”? This word indicates the car has previously been totaled as a loss by an insurance agency.
  • Check the exterior. Are there dents or scrapes? Are the wiper arms in good condition and the trim all intact? Minor cosmetic issues can affect value, but stay away if there is a large amount of rust. Rust damage can be costly to fix and occur extensively through the vehicle.
  • Turn on all the knobs and switches. Does the hot air blow hot and the cold air blow cold? Do the windows roll up and down at the correct speed and do the auto locks engage properly? Turn on the radio and any interior lights too.
  • Smell it and do a visible check for water damage. If there is any smell or sign of mold or mildew, this will be almost impossible to get rid of. Look under floor mats, cargo mats, and in the tire well. Avoid vehicles damaged by water at all times.
  • Open the hood and also check under the car. Look for signs of corrosion and torn hoses. Inspect everything for leaks or puddles, which could be a sign of more severe engine damage.
  • Check the oil. Is it black or gooey? Are there any metal particles in the oil? Does it smell funny? All of these are signs of neglect and poor engine performance, and could indicate much more severe problems in the future.
  • Take a test drive. Bring a friend along during your test drive to help look for potential issues. Check for smoke from the exhaust or poor turnover when starting the engine. Test the acceleration and braking. Practice shifting up and down and engage the cruise control. Test all of the lights and signals.

These are just a few of the things to look for when purchasing a used vehicle. It is also advised to take it to a certified Audi mechanic, they can easily tell you if the recommended tune ups and scheduled maintenance have been done on a regular basis.

With four great locations in the Atlanta area, European Motor Cars is not far away. We are a certified Audi repair center with years of experience, and we will happily offer advice on your used Audi purchase. We have four locations to serve you and your Audi in the Atlanta area: Alpharetta, Duluth , Buckhead and Sandy Springs.

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